10 Best Anime Characters Even Angrier Than My Hero Academia's Katsuki Bakugo

10 Best Anime Characters Even Angrier Than My Hero Academia’s Katsuki Bakugo

Bakugo is understood for his explosive mood in My Hero Academia, but various other, angrier anime personalities have rage that runs much deeper.

My Hero Academia stars the kind-hearted student hero Izuku Midoriya and his explosive opponent and schoolmate, the well-known Katsuki Bakugo. In much of his scenes, Bakugo is angry, snappy, or at the very least impatient to verify himself, and his warm mood is the stuff of tales. He also has an explosion-based Quirk to match.

Bakugo is recognized for his rage, but his rage appears superficial and also is tough to warrant. Katsuki Bakugo expanded up in a caring and also stable household, and currently he’s a celebrity trainee at Japan’s top school.

Thorfinn Karlsefni Burns With Vengeful Fury (Vinland Saga).

The Viking antihero Thorfinn Karlsefni was when a delighted and also care free young boy in his indigenous Iceland, but then he snuck aboard his kind father Thors’ ship to experience some adventures firsthand. This implies the young Thorfinn was present when the unscrupulous Askeladd variety Thors in a battle at the Faroe Islands.

Thorfinn’s mindset transformed at the same time. He was instantly consumed with bitter disgust as well as anger toward his father’s awesome, as well as his sheer rage and crave revenge are what sustained him for many years after that. In the end, it was all for nothing.

Guts’ Rage Toward Griffith Is Legendary (Berserk).

The straying swordsman called Guts is recognized for lots of things, ranging from his oversized dragon killer sword to his speedy love affair with Casca to his berserker craze towards his two-faced friend, Griffith. Guts knows much better than anybody that Griffith has a great deal to answer for.

Guts is often angry, even if he tries to hide it, and the least justification will certainly set his heart ablaze in his quest to slay Griffith and also the God Hand finally. Simply a tip of the God Hand is enough to press Guts over the edge and fly right into a chaotic rage, hellbent on Griffith’s damage.

Eren Yeager Roared In Anger When The Titans Attacked (Attack On Titan).

Somehow, the shonen antihero Eren Yeager is like Thorfinn, given that both characters enjoyed a satisfied, innocent boyhood till calamity struck as well as their family was shattered for life. One day in the year 845, Eren’s globe was turned upside-down when Wall Maria fell as well as meat-eating Titans muscled their method.

Eren’s cherished mom Carla was eaten by Dina Fritz’s Pure Titan, and also Eren exploded in a cruel craze that has actually never ever as soon as been snuffed out. Eren angrily promised that he would certainly get rid of all Titans, however later, after finding out the fact, he turned his rage on the Marley Empire as a full-on villain.

Kyo Sohma’s Anger Runs Deep (Fruits Basket).

The shojo love interest Kyo Sohma does not yell “DIE!” and also blow people up with a Quirk, as well as he has been recognized to be Mr. Romantic as opposed to Mr. Angry at times. Even so, Kyo’s anger is extensively warranted and extreme, provided the awful hand that destiny dealt him. It’s challenging being the zodiac’s pet cat.

Kyo withstood a life time of emotional as well as verbal misuse as the cat, being informed he’s a horrible and also undesirable beast who brings torment to all. No wonder this eruptive tsundere is so hotheaded as well as miserable at all times, and he often takes it out on Kyo as well as also Kagura. He’s got some serious individual luggage to deal with.

Prince Zuko’s Heart Burns With Passion (Avatar: The Last Airbender).

The Firebender prince Zuko was always known for his anger in Avatar: The Last Airbender, to the point where individuals would give him nicknames such as “royal prince pouty” and also “the upset jerk.” Indeed, Zuko has a hot temper and also is conveniently provoked, however he’s not a beast. He merely experienced at the hands of his papa, Ozai.

Zuko was indeed furious, however above all, he was angry at himself as well as later on admitted it. He had a great deal on his plate, to claim the least, as well as he really did not always manage it well. In the long run, however, Zuko grew smarter as well as found out his real destiny, which brought him some inner tranquility at last.

Ghiacchio Gets Angry Over The Tiniest Things (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure).

The ice-slinging Stand individual named Ghiaccio is really articulated by the exact same voice star as Bakugo, Nobuhiko Okamoto, and also it reveals. Both characters are prone to going into a rage, and Ghiaccio’s blistering-hot temper contrasts greatly with his freezing ice powers. It’s a curious mix.

Ghiaccio entertained JoJo’s customers when he worked himself up into a craze over minor details such as exactly how to claim Venice’s name, and he gets quite upset in battle, too. He sheds his great no matter exactly how cool his ice gets, and also in a similar vein, Fugo and Narancia likewise have rather warm tempers.

Naofumi Iwatani Raged At The Unfair World (The Rising Of The Shield Hero).

Over time, the isekai lead character Naofumi Iwatani found out to embrace the power of relationship and hope over raw fierceness as well as resentment, yet his anger was never totally extinguished. Early on, he was demonized as the “Shield devil,” incorrectly charged as well as widely abhored as a criminal. His response was sheer anger.

Naofumi’s bigger anger is what received him during his journey, however it had not been lasting, also when he unlocked the fearsome Wrath Shield. Naofumi’s rage at the world gradually subsided as people started to accept him, but when the villain Kyo Ethnina provoked him, Naofumi’s fury came right back.

Yammy Llargo’s Anger Powers Him Up (Bleach).

A couple of anime characters can really weaponize their feelings, such as the heroes of Jujutsu Kaisen, who can sustain their curse energy with negative emotions. Then there’s Bleach’s bad guy Yammy Llargo, the 10th Espada whose whole theme is unbridled rage.

Yammy is constantly ruthless and also eager to fight, and also he gets angered really conveniently in battle. He can launch his zanpakuto, Ira, and end up being a titanic beast that expands also bigger as well as more powerful as his challengers infuriate him in fight. He’s like a villainous Incredible Hulk, and also it’s more than Bakugo can ever before take care of.

Vegeta Is The Furious Saiyan Prince (Dragon Ball).

The Saiyan prince Vegeta is understood for numerous points, from his angry and also increasingly affordable personality to his endless rivalry with Son Goku to his tsundere ways with his partner, the lovely Bulma. Vegeta’s character arc is an instead intricate one in the future, though it can still be simplified to “he’s mad.”.

Vegeta is quick to lose his amazing or fly right into a rage, specifically if his satisfaction as well as credibility are examined or put in hazard. He’ll even take it out on training crawlers as well as smash them to bits, which calls for a frustrated technician to fix them.

Edward Elric Has A Towering Temper (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood).

The state sorcerer Edward Elric is really kinder and also far more generous than Katsuki Bakugo, so, in spite of his rage, Edward is a more wholesome as well as good shonen character generally. However even so, Edward is conveniently prompted as well as can be downright petty regarding his temper, especially if he’s being buffooned.

Ed is the one that shouted intensely at a little woman that called him an amoeba, and also he will also kick people or endanger to punt Selim Bradley to deep space if Selim talk about his elevation again. His brother Alphonse is absolutely the calmer as well as more mature of the duo.

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