Komi Can’t Communicate: Ren Yamai Makes Her Creepiest step Yet

Komi Can’t Communicate: Ren Yamai Makes Her Creepiest step Yet

Ren Yamai has actually had a weird fascination with Shoko Komi given that the start of senior high school. In Episode 23, Yamai’s creepiest action makes Komi’s skin crawl.

There’s no refuting that Komi Can’t Communicate’s Ren Yamai has a scary fixation with protagonist Shoko Komi. She has also tried to obtain a look at Komi’s naked body on at the very least 2 occasions: as soon as in the altering area of a water park, as well as once again in the ladies’s altering area at a public bathroom in Kyoto.

Much of Yamai’s creepy actions amounts to unwanted sexual advances, and also it was just an issue of time before it would intensify into sexual assault. As a matter of fact, she virtually did so in Episode 20 of Season 2 when she asked Komi if she might search her breasts in a public bathroom during a school trip. Though Komi insisted her boundaries that time, this hasn’t stopped Yamai’s sexual harassment. During Valentine’s Day, Yamai took care of to turn the harmless practice of exchanging delicious chocolates with pals right into an act of unwanted sexual advances when she made chocolates in the form of her own face so she could obtain Komi to indirectly “execute sexual acts” on her.

Episode 23 of Komi Can’t Communicate depicts even more of Yamai’s continued trajectory towards unwanted sexual advances, just this time she is successful in getting Komi to offer her what she wants. Throughout course, Komi’s usual black leggings tear when she rises from her seat, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Yamai sitting behind her. Though it’s a fairly little hole that’s not most likely to be discovered by anyone else, Yamai obsesses over the fact she can see a little piece of skin all the same. From there, her actions varies between creepy as well as harmful.

When Yamai sees the tear, she decides to “shield” Komi from various other spectators by getting behind her and also steering around Komi’s legs like a crab. She likewise brings her face uncomfortably near to the room in between Komi’s legs, which only rises her wish to touch her inappropriately. Yamai manages to restrain herself from committing sexual assault, her actions still gets Tadano’s focus and he discovers himself maintaining an alert eye on her.

Yamai even supplies to hold on to Komi’s torn leggings while she transforms right into the brand-new ones. For Komi, she gives as well as takes the lure Yamai exactly what she wants: a short article of clothing she’s worn that’s the closest point to acquiring her underclothing.

As soon as the torn leggings remain in her belongings, Yamai uses them creepily on her head and also runs off with them, much to Komi’s embarrassment. It’s never verified whether Komi got those old tights back from Yamai, yet one thing is definitely clear: Yamai is figured out to get her method with Komi nevertheless feasible. Between the attempt to search her breasts at a public bathroom, the burglary of her old leggings and also repeat efforts to search for her skirt and get images of her undergarments, Yamai’s friendship with Komi might pertain to an end when Komi Can’t Communicate proceeds.

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